privSolar energy is a thriving industry that is gaining popularity around the world. A report from the International Energy Agency states that solar energy has the potential to be the largest global source of energy by 2050. Solar energy is going to be the energy of the future without a doubt and in fact many European countries are now making it the law that any new buildings have to have very low carbon footprints and solar installed on all new buildings whether they’re a commercial or residential premises.


Why wouldn’t it be? The sun is one of the best renewable energy sources around. The sun is always shining, and anyone anywhere can begin using it.



The sun is a huge star in the center of our solar system. As a central source of light and heat, the sun is used for a variety of things. It is crucial in photosynthesis, which is used for plants to make food for themselves from carbon dioxide and water, and it is used to warm the planet and keep it from spiraling into another ice age.


Our sun emits photons, which are small packets of energy. These have enough intensity to travel more than 90 million miles to Earth in less than 9 minutes. The amount of solar radiation impacting the Earth in one hour can satisfy global energy needs for an entire year.



According to the United States Energy Information Administration, only about 12 percent of all energy is renewable. About 37 percent of energy is priv3fueled by petroleum, and 29 percent by natural gas. Coal-powered energy accounted for 15 percent of the energy generated, and nuclear power accounted for 9 percent. Because most of our energy is obtained by burning fuels and coals, the average carbon footprint around the world has increased. In fact, the carbon footprint of America is double that of those around the globe. Excessive carbon from burning these materials can lead to pollution and environmental decay, which is bad for the health and wellness of every living being on the planet. This is why it is important to turn to solar energy.



Solar energy is captured with the use of photovoltaic solar panels composed of silicon solar cells that convert sunlight directly into electricity. It was discovered in 1954 that silicon created an electric charge when exposed to solar radiation. A panel is composed of several solar cells. The more panels wired together, the more energy you can generate from the sun.



Aside from lowering your carbon footprint and decreasing pollution, solar energy is also a great way to save and invest money. By implementing solar panels and systems into your property or home, you can save money by virtually eliminating your electricity bill. Although the systems are generally a big investment, it pays itself off in a few short years. Adding solar power to your home can also save you in the event of a power outage, as many systems include solar storage. Lastly, you can add value to your home with solar systems. It has been estimated that adding solar panels to your home can increase your property’s value by anywhere between $10,000 and $20,000. Add panels today!


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