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Confusion Surrounding Solar Thermal Evacuated Collector Tubes Unnecessary

Solar thermal evacuated collector tube panels, offers America the opportunity to take solar power and its benefits to the next level. This evolving technology is competing with traditional flat panel collection technology even as our country looks for better and more efficient ways to harvest the sun. Unfortunately, the competition between the two technologies has led to some unnecessary confusion.


As it stands, there is still much debate over which type of solar collection method is best. Proponents of flat panel collection units believe their systems are more efficient while those who favor evacuated tube systems claim likewise. So who’s right?


Apples and Oranges


There are several ways by which the two types of collector panels are compared. The problem is that it’s like comparing apples and oranges. The two technologies are different enough that the comparisons used are invalid. For example, one argument states that a flat-panel collector unit is more efficient than its solar counterpart is because it makes more efficient use of roof space.


The assertion is based on the fact that empty space exists between the individual tubes of an evacuated tube solar thermal collector panel. That’s true even of the SunQuest 250. And because a flat-panel collector is one solid piece, it ostensibly makes better use of space.


In reality, efficiency should be measured in terms of energy output in relation to the surface area of the absorbing material. It’s all well and good that both types of technologies have different space requirements, but how much energy is produced by the component that’s actually doing the work?


The Solar America Standard


The Solar America SunQuest 250 is the industry-standard solar thermal evacuated collector tube panel. It is also the most efficient panel of its kind. It is a 25-tube collector with an amazingly small footprint of just 3′ x 7′, delivering up to 30,000 BTUs per hour according to independent tests conducted both domestically and internationally.


The beauty of our evacuated to solar thermal collection panel is the fact that it is easily scalable at any time. A customer could start with one or two panels on the rooftop then add more panels as his business expands and gross. The way our technology works means there is virtually no limits.


What’s more, evacuated tube design means our solar thermal collector panels are a lot more efficient. Evacuated tubes are subject to far less convection and heat loss, even in cold weather environment. They are the ideal solar thermal solution for any business or organization looking to generate energy using the sun.


In the end, it’s safe to say there are plenty of significant differences between flat-panel solar collectors and their evacuated tube counterparts. Nevertheless, there’s no point in making invalid comparisons that do not show the pros and cons of both. A proper comparison is the only way to gain the knowledge necessary to make a wise choice between the two. We believe the Solar America SunQuest 250 is your best choice.