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Solar Sprayers

battery_solar_sprayerThe solar panel offers you with the solar lights with high power that they require to light up during the night. Hence, during winter, it is really very important to keep such panels completely functional by regular checking them as well as with regular and clean up. It is certainly a great idea to have some additional units in house available when one or additional panels get completely damaged and it becomes quite non-functional. At the same time, you must also learn how you can clean the solar panels with Solar Sprayers. The medium solution of the soap, the soft and non-hairy cloth piece so you should avoid the cloth having some loose fibers along with 2 water sprayers that is all that you require. Apply solution of soap by using sprayer. Squirt perfectly well all that places where you see any bird droppings and resistant dirt that you can see. Wipe away dirty solution and then you need to repeat the entire procedure till the panel becomes clean.


You must also check that you have properly applied the sprayer at more portions that are inaccessible in the panel. You should spend some time in the re-doing the areas where you usually found animal-droppings as those substances often are acidic.