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Solar panels for the home

solarWe live in a world where technology has become an ever increasing part of our lives and in many ways has made our lives a lot more efficient. Lets take a look at solar power for example; this product was barely in it’s infancy 10 years ago but now markets across the world are readily snapping this product up and in fact many countries now have mandatory laws that state all new builds need to have solar panels installed. We live on a planet that we are destructing at a rapid rate and the more we can develop and use renewable energy sources the longer this planet will be around and generations after us will be able to enjoy the same benefits we have.

There are of course other benefits to having a solar panel system installed in your home and that is of course energy saving which means great cost reductions for you. The costs on most solar systems can be recouped within a couple of years and this means after that you’re in profit on the energy saving you’ve made. If you would like to find out more about how you can save both on your wallet and the planet then please visit solar panels home use .  Thank you for stopping by and have fun shopping for you new solar system.

Conserve of our planet with Ideal Energies

Society in the last 2 decades has consumed our energy resources at such a rapid rate that we’re now starting to realise it’s of the utmost importance that we not only preserve these precious resources for ourselves but more importantly for our generations ahead of us. Governments around the world are now starting to realise they need to pass laws that make it mandatory to install renewable energy systems such as solar power, heat pumps, double glazing windows and overall energy efficient homes, in many places across Europe and the US for that matter it is now mandatory to install solar power systems on all new house builds.


The reason you’re reading this article is you’re probably aware of this and the need for you to make your own contribution in some way, we thank you for this, as if every person on this planet did just their own little bit it would mean we would have a much cleaner renewable energy world to live in. Of course, this comes with benefits to yourself such as cost reduction and living in a much cleaner environment which does not burn unnecessary fossil fuels. Today we’ll  explore a few of these such options and let you make the decision on what would be best for you and your household.  We’ll also give you a brief introduction to an amazing business called Ideal Energies which is at the forefront of renewable energy technology.



Solar Power

Solar power harnesses the energy of one of our greatest energy assets, the sun, it then converts this energy into electricity often directly through a method that is referred to as photovoltaics or at other times indirectly using concentrated solar power or otherwise known by it’s acronym of CSP. The latter of these uses lenses/mirros as well as tracking systems to concentrate a large area of sunlight into a much smaller beam, thus concentrating the energy and making it easier to convert into electricity.



That’s all great you may ask, but how does it benefit me? Simply put you will acquire massive cost saving benefits by installing a solar power system,  as it is totally self sufficient and you don’t need to rely on the normal grid system. A system like this is also great for use in rural areas where access to the grid is not possible or countries like South Africa for example where they have massive energy supply problems.  We strongly recommend you to look into solar systems, not only for your benefit but for future generations to come.


IF that’s not good news enough for you, you will be pleased to know that in many states in the US, federal governments are now actually offering rebates to all home owners who have renewable energy systems installed in their homes. The premise is simple, they know the value of these systems for conserving the planets and they would like you to have them installed as soon as possible. Bare in mind this won’t last forever as we will eventually get to a point where they feel there are enough systems installed and they will stop offering these rebates. Simply put, there is no better time than now to have one of these systems installed.


Earlier we mentioned just the company for your solar panels installation, you won’t be disappointed if you use the services of They are industry leaders in this field and use only the most cutting edge technology when installing your systems. You can rest assured that not only will your energy savings be in good hands but you will receive the utmost proffesiliasm from Idea Energies.


Ideal Energies  are a Minnesota based company taking a different path into alternative energy and environmental solutions for you business. They believe that doing the smart thing for your enterprise and the right thing for the environment don’t have to be at odds. Personally we think this is one of the best company statements we’ve read and we would not hesitate to recommend them. Of course don’t just take our word for it, you can view some of their past clients here and read more about what the company has to offer here.  They also offer some incredible financing options and have a feature packed resources page should you require any further information.

Should you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact them at this email, they’re also on Facebook   and would love to hear from you on there as well. Well done on taking the first step to preserving our lovely planet and we wish you all the best.

Understanding the Recent Shift to Solar Power within the Energy Industry

solarSolar power has secretly become a dominant player in the energy sector, even as worries have prevailed all across the globe over uncertainty within the Middle East and the cost of oil.

Lower costs, lack of pollutant wastes and new technology are some of the factors making solar energy increasingly significant and its importance has in recent years greatly accelerated.


Starting now going through 2016, solar power usage is projected to increase at faster rate than for any other energy source. This applies to both non-renewable and renewable forms according to information from U.S Energy Information Administration.


More than one third of total new electric capacity comprised of solar energy in 2014, the Solar Energy Industries Association reports. A new panel gets installed roughly every three minutes, going by this rate, with the one-millionth one expected to get installed this year.


This is impressive news from the job-opening and ever-expanding U.S. solar industry. It also marks great news for investors utilizing new opportunities such as Solar Bonds of Solar City in order to be part of the growth process.


Less Cost with Better Technology  


Solar is not booming just because it presents a more renewable or cleaner option compared to energy sourced from fossil fuels. Sheer economics are driving solar growth at present, making it cheaper for both regular customers and energy companies to operate. The philosophical consideration that power usage once was has now mainly turned to be a financial decision. Cost of installing solar has undergone significant drops during the last few years and keeps falling. International Energy Agency provides estimates that solar could constitute half of all sources of energy by year 2050.


Deutsche Bank estimates that solar-panel cost will continue falling by up to 40 percent across the next phase of between four and five years. Prices drop as more solar panels get installed.


Solar will get more economical as cost drops even more, compared to other sources of energy. Going by projections of a recent article from Bloomberg, solar-power generation is meant to dominate at increasing rate. Efficiency will thus increase and prices fall with time.


Oil prices have recently decreased lately, but Deutsche Bank projects that solar power will have the same or less cost compared to conventional sources within 80 percent of the global market by 2017.


Prices of oil have no significant impact on demand for solar power, as per the bank’s analysis presented by Vishal Shah. Renewable sources of energy have experienced great benefits from subsidies from government as have fossil fuels. However, analyses done recently show that alternative strategies may oftentimes compete with traditional sources, even in the absence of such subsidies. This report comes from the New York Times.


Comfortable with Solar Power


A significant proportion of growth has originated from residential installations and even more homeowners are utilizing the benefit of lower solar costs to cut down energy billing. Residential installations of solar increased in 2014 third quarter by 58 percent more than the previous year, as per Solar Energy Industries Association.


The largest solar installer in America, SolarCity is offering to undertake home installation of solar panels with homeowners paying little upfront cost or even none at all. Customers in return sign up for agreements for the long term, undertaking to make monthly payments at lower rates for electricity than those charged by their local utilities.


SolarCity’s Financial Products vice president Tim Newell acknowledged their motivation to save customers some cash in the objective of bringing solar to businesses and homes all across the U.S.


SolarCity in addition, recently started directly offering Solar Bonds to investors. Payments for interest on bonds are sourced from SolarCity along with payments for solar made by numerous clients of the company around the country.


Newell stated that customers get empowered to make cash savings by installing solar systems, indicating they were allowing investors opportunity of earning cash from solar too. Beginning with $1,000, investors may earn a maximum of 4 percent through online investment via SolarCity’s website, without getting charged any fees for investment.


Solar Everywhere


Equally, businesses are witnessing the gains of solar. Certain of the largest firms in America have begun installation of solar panels, especially because this action will earn them some cash savings. Professional sports are going solar too, with Indianapolis Motor Speedway that is home of Indy 500, installing 39.312 solar modules just in recent time.


As well, military installations are experiencing the gains, with one of the initiatives by SolarCity, SolarStrong project placing solar panels on U.S. military bases. It recently announced having placed solar panels on approximately 6,000 Marine Corps and Navy housing units all across San Diego County in California.


The military is pressing on with its effort of moving away from use of fossil fuels towards renewable sources. Solar will likely play a key role within this shift, according to U.S Congressman Scott Peters whose district representation includes San Diego.


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