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Contact Packaging

logoCompany is a greatest importer of the Vibac adhesive tape available in UK. The £600,000 of stock holding at the Preston Head Office permits us to provide the superior product available at the preferential rates to different end users and also to trade the accounts. The Contact Packaging also stocks the complete array of the specialist’s tapes for about each possible application as well as we is regularly looking for adapting and to offer the most cost effective as well as environmental friendly alternatives. As in year 1997 we also have manufactured with the printed self adhesive tapes. Possibly we also have the graphics department providing the free design with the consultation and also to produce the negatives as well as printed plates that permits the complete control of each order from the start to the finish. The product is also available in the extensive variety of the qualities that includes the paper tape as well as non adhesive with barrier tape. This may even provide the photographic quality of the reproduction.

We also supply, which install and that maintain the comprehensive array of complete packaging machinery that is produced by world of the leading manufacturers. They also include the stretch wrapping of machines as well as the systems, the case sealers, the carton erectors that shrink tunnels as well as chambers and also pallet & the box of the strapping equipment.

Cardboard Recycling

cardboardFor many people, it is a regular routine for recycling many things. Many people do this without giving any second thought; routinely sorting out the papers, plastics as well as metals to get dragged away on the trash day. SO, if you are not including this in your bin, then Cardboard Recycling must be added in the list of the items that are recyclable both at your home as well as at your work. This is the most extensively used recyclable materials available on planet. This is even one of few which is non-toxic, it is 100% biodegradable as well as it also be often reused in their current state. However, when material finally gets wear out, you should always remember to recycle them. Certainly, cardboard recycling is significant precisely as it is used quite heavily.

Above 90 percent of every products that are shipped in U.S. are usually shipped in the most crenelated cardboard, to tune for more than 29.5 million tons in U.S. all alone, most of these from great businesses. Such material is quite bulky as well as heavy and, for this reason it adds meaningfully to waste stream, taking the precious space of landfill.