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Solar Energy is the wave of the future

logojjrSolar energy is the wave of the future, harnessing the natural power of the sun for your home or office without relying on national power companies. It’s a renewable energy that sees a return on investment within years of install, and leaves a smaller carbon footprint than traditional energy methods. With all of this talk about solar power, there’s no better time than now to see how this technology can work for you, and JJR Power is here to help.

Started in 2006 as a way to capitalize on the energy sector and create opportunities for a long-term investment in assets, JJR Power has quickly become a leader in the solar energy revolution, partnering with installers, developers and contractors within certain markets and in a number of states to make energy investing easy and profitable for their customers proven by their solid track record and case studies.

There is one question this company loves to answer: “Does solar make financial sense for your home, commercial business or municipality?” Over the last 20 years, the rates for electricity have grown exponentially while the price for solar energy has been reduced by up to 50%. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, by the year 2020 we will be seeing solar energy rates of less than two dollars per watt, which is why installing solar energy systems now is preparing for your future.

The hard-working team at JJR Power has over 40 years of experience in both energy and finance, and have helped clients through economic highs and lows, so they know just how important solar energy is to their customer’s bottom line. They are active participants in the Minnesota solar energy market, and well as instrumental to solar energy in Iowa, two places in the Midwest that are quickly realizing the gains to be had from the solar energy market. You can read more about their approach here.

In comparing solar energy to other forms, such as gas, Minnesota ruled that solar beats gas in terms of efficiency for both price and power. There is no need for utility lines to be installed with solar energy, nor is there a large deposit for the power to be turned on or a large monthly fee to keep it running. Solar continues to be the best renewable energy source for power, does not rely on the burning of fossil fuels or the destruction of the earth and makes financial sense for many home, land or business owners over time.



With all that’s been said about solar energy, there’s no better time than now to find out how you can invest in your family’s future with JJR Power. John Jaffray, President of JJR Power, Rob Hach of Wind & Solar Specialists and Mike Woodley of JJR Power are there to help you find the best energy solution possible. For a no-cost, no-obligation consultation contact (612)-386-0082 or for more information on how JJR Power can work for you. There’s nothing to lose by taking this next step forward, and everything to gain. Take control of your life with solar – we can help!



JJR Power is at the forefront of solar power technology, there is not better time now than to start reducing your carbon footprint on the environment and conserving what we have for future generations to come. With JJR Power you can rest assured you’re in good hands with a company that has been established since 2006 and has grown in leaps and bounds since then. Since their inception they have focused on working with constructors, developers and organizations interested in financing and developing solar projects.

If you would like to find out more on how JJR Power can help you then click here or why not check out their super cool interactive project map here.


Does solar make financial sense for your Home, Commercial Business, or Municipality?

John Jaffray, President of JJR Power, Rob Hach of Wind & Solar Specialists and Mike Woodley of JJR Power are here to help you find out!

For a no-cost, no-obligation consultation contact (612)-386-0082 or

DIY Solar Panels

With continue prices rising of energy over the earlier some decades and not any specific reason to think soon they will fall, lots of homeowners are finding out the choice of homes powering with green or renewable power systems. There are two effective and common green power systems are known by the name of solar panels and wind turbines. In between these, solar power systems have comes into view as the very famous, because of their effective nature – indicating that with less moving parts, they need less preservation over the times.



Sorry to say, using a system of solar power in your home can be costly. To decrease this too much cost, lots of homeowners are finding out the possibility of making and using their own solar panels. In case you also want to use, you almost certainly have so many questions in your mind. Can the normal person really make a DIY solar panels system? In case they could, can it actually be notably cheaper than having it efficiently used? And at last, would these panels give sufficient electricity to be value all the effort and time? These are some common question that comes to everyone’s mind. But you need not to think too much about this as there are so many benefits of these systems. With the help of this solar panel system you can easily reduce or even stop you electricity bill, in case your make electricity surplus, then you can also sell it to your nearby power company. With the help of this you can also improve your overall property value. You can also get deductions in tax by using these green power panels systems.



There are some more benefits of this homemade power system; you need not to think about cost, because half of the fees contain contractor’s installation. In case you do this manually, you can very much decrease the cost of making and installing. You can easily prepare your homemade power panels in different stages, by adding new solar panels and making extra power supply. By producing this system manually, you will be train how the technology of solar actually works. You will be capable to make your own repairs and maintenance, further decreasing your charges.



When you make a plan to produce solar panel system, approx the entire necessary materials you will want to make a DIY solar panel like plywood, copper wire, silicone, etc. and they can be found at either your nearby store. The similar goes for the necessary equipment and tools that you will want need to create your home-based power panels. Any type of tool you do not have, you can without any difficulty purchase from your nearby electronics or hardware store.

The only exemption to this tenet is the photovoltaic solar cells which you will want to build mutually into the power DIY solar panels. Except you live in metro city with a specific solar panel hardware store, you will almost certainly need to put your order through online or you can build it on your behalf.

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Philips LED bulb

Philips LED bulbAt the present time the focus is on producing energy efficient devices which are completely friendly with environment is on great demand. They cannot any longer give to play havoc with the available nature. They are already practicing the ill results of global warming sourced by the extreme emissions of carbon in the environment. Now Philips LED bulb has been launched and they are very glowing bulbs and they will give you effective energy efficient choice compare to any other bulb. These high quality LED bulbs utilize just a fraction of the power consumed by the glowing and compact glowing bulbs. Thus, it is a wonderful green alternative for enlightening spaces. This bulb is very powerful and consumes very less energy as compare to any other bulb. This indicates that these forms of bulbs utilize just 5% to 10% of electricity by the normal bulbs.

At first, LEDs were only utilized for the purpose of indicator lights in electronic equipments but at the present they are being utilized for the purposes of lighting also. A bulb with light emitting diode comprises more than a few LED bulbs clustered all together. They produce light in visible, ultraviolet as well as infrared wavelength. The light color completely depends on the semiconductor material.