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Solar powered electronic projects

solar energy, solar benefitsAs you probably can see the solar energy is starting to become one of the greatest method of harvesting every from the Sun. But today I want to tell you about the people behind the technology, the people that are developing and imagine new ways to improve the solar panels efficiency and output power, or using the collected energy to power different devices.
There are a number of technologies being researched but we live in a world where the highest efficiency technologies are either unaffordable or are not yet put into production. For long life, solar cells must be protected from the elements using surface coating treatments.
Also the solar panel orientation is very important and for highest output power the solar panels must be perpendicular to the sun’s rays.  That is why engineers developed a different solar tracking system that allows the solar panel to rotate with the sun.
Assuming we have a surface coated panel and a solar tracker system we still need some additional equipment. One of this is the solar charge controller which is intended for charging the batteries. Without the controller it won’t be possible to charge the batteries in a efficient and safe way.
We still need one more thing in order to have a complete solar powered installation and that is the inverter. It is used to convert the power from the batteries to a usable voltage of 230V or 110V. There are a lot of inverters available on the market but you really need to pay attention in choosing one.
You can find a great collection of solar powered projects online including a diy solar tracking system, power inverter, ways to maximize the solar panel efficiency, voltage controllers and a lot of useful circuits that are powered from  the solar power. The possibilities are endless and so is our imagination, so let’s start to adopt the solar technology faster because it will be rewarding and more ECO friendly.