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How to save energy with a simple trick

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Did you ever thought that even a simple gesture can save a lot of energy? We all saw the ads where they told us to close the tap faster to save water, to turn off the lights to save energy, right? Now, what more we can do?
The trick for today is: use your curtains and blinds to save energy.
In the summer:
Most probably you’ve heard about the greenhouse effect. Basically, through a window or glass, the sun heats the objects inside the room and there is no way for the heat to go out. What you can do is simply close the blinds and use less air conditioning. Your energy bill will be significantly low. If you are lucky and own a house with windows on two different sides of the building, open them and use the natural energy-free air conditioning – the wind.
In the winter:
The same greenhouse effect can be used in the winter too, but in the opposite direction. This time, during the day, you have to keep your curtains open, so the sun heats the objects inside the room. During the night, close them, because they will act as a thermal barrier between the glass and the room.
Someone might argue that a house needs proper natural lighting, and they are right — this is certainly true. In the summer, you don’t need to close all your blinds just the ones that will block the direct rays should be enough. The natural light can come into your house through the other windows.
The best way to keep your curtains closed or opened is to automate the process, so you don’t have to think about it. You can easily find light sensors and you can use them as switches for a small electric mechanism that opens and closes the curtains.
If you find the method difficult and you live in a house (not an apartment building), you can use awnings in the summer, so you will block just the direct rays, not all the light.