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Five Advantages of Using Solar Panels for Your Home

As the world is becoming conscious of rising energy demands and depleting energy sources, solar energy is playing a pivotal role when it comes to renewable energy sources. The advantages of using solar panels for houses cannot be underestimated and some of them are described below.
Solar panels use solar energy which is an inexhaustible source of energy
Therefore, even though one is limited by the sunlight their house receives, there is a fair chance of generating adequate electricity along with excessive generation during summer months. Moreover, they are reliable and durable because they can bear the harshest weather conditions, which prevent power breakdowns.
Reduction in electricity costs
While the initial costs of installation are high, they are recovered over its lifetime as there are no maintenance costs since they require only occasional inspection. Also, since there are no fuel costs attached to power them, storage and purchasing costs associated with conventional fuels are also overcome.
Additional source of income for households
One reason is due to the incentives that governments have started giving e.g. The Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme. Through this, the government pays users for installing renewable energy sources which don’t emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. The government, thus, gives them tax rebates and charges lower tariffs.
Moreover, houses can use a grid-tied solar system which means that your solar panels are connected to a power utility company. Thus, whenever households generate additional electricity, they can provide it to utility companies building up energy credits and being paid for the extra kilowatt hours they produce.
Modularity and safety of solar panels
This means that they are very flexible when households are trying to manage their energy demand. Installation of extra solar cells to meet power or heat production is relatively easy and is coupled with safety as the system doesn’t use combustible fuels.
Solar panels are also useful and cheaper for households in remote locations
Since it is a reliable and independent source of energy, it is cheaper than laying power lines in such areas since the latter would raise costs. Also, it is less cumbersome than installing a generator which would create noise, pollution and ongoing expenses.
This article written by the team at EOS Solar, a UK based renewable energy company.