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What are the real benefits of using solar energy?

Before we start explaining all the benefits of solar energy, first we have to understand what is solar power, how is generated and how can it be exploited.
Solar energy also referred as solar power is the energy that the sun is transmitting to the earth. Practically the heat of the sun can be converted into energy for our homes simple as that. This energy can be stored using solar panels. 
Some of the benefitsof using solar energy are:
It’s a fact that is one of the cheapest ways of powering your house and it saves your money. Starting with 2005, energy becomes more expensive due to oil price fluctuation. In some parts of the United States energy price rise even by 50 % and according to the experts, the price trend will follow the same path and we will have to pay even more for our energy bills.
Solar energy does not pollute the air and is environment –friendly.
If you really care about the planet you should do this change. Using alternative energy sources to produce your energy will diminish the use of coal, gas and even oil to support your comfort.
As you may know, solar energy is sustainable and renewable. Plus, it does not produce any gas residue such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, mercury or carbon dioxide which means that it will not pollute the air. Practically, as the Sun exists you will always have a clean and permanent source of energy.
Another benefit of solar energy is that it does improve the quality of life.
Reducing the amount of coal, oil or gas used for creating conventional energy will lead to less gas emissions and will reduce the effect of global warming. Instead of polluting the air, using solar power improves the quality of life and maintains our earth clean.
Nowadays, most of the governments give incentives for those who use any alternative form of energy.
Even though the initial costs are quite big and a lot of people become discouraged by this impediment, you will see that due to recently instability of energy prices this is not a bad price and you will recover your investment really fast.
Solar powered systems require little or no maintenance.
Photovoltaic cells that are the main component in solar panels are able to provide electricity for a very long time with little maintenance. As you may know or not, Photovoltaic Cells were developed for space use and they were able to function in rough condition with minimum condition. Some of the Solar Panels manufacturers can give up to 20-25 years of warranty. You can draw your conclusions from here.
Another important aspect of using solar energy or any other renewable resource is the reduction of nation’s dependence of imported energy sources.