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Importance of solar power

solar, sun, photovoltaic panelsWe all know that, during the time and due to evolution we manage to provide ourselves with ways to heat water, way to heat our homes and why not way to electrify our home. For sure, nowadays we take this for granted but what we will do if we will lose all of this?
Definitely we will be panicked, because we depend on electricity to ensure our comfort.  Actually we are too naive to believe that we will have these resources all the time. As you already know, oil resource has started to deplete in some parts and we have enough oil for maximum 30-40 years. It’s time to make some changes in our life and by this I’m referring to adopt some green ways of powering your necessities.
It feels very nice and cozy when you have electricity at your disposal and the lights with just a simple touch of the switch. But during summertime, we can encounter some variations of power when everyone turns on their air conditioners just to cool themselves, and this can be unpleasant.
At origin, the Sun is a big intense ball of gas which lies in space. He is an unlimited source of power that burns 24 hours a day, 7 days per week and 12 months per year. As a fact we can see the sunlight only for 12 hours a day but if we can collect the energy generated in these 12 hours we can power naturally our homes with alternative energy.
However, when the sunlight beams the earth’s surface, only a small percentage of this solar radiation is reflected. The larger part of this percentage is absorbed by earth. You have to consider that the sunlight has to pass through fog, clouds, and harmful pollutants in order to reach earth’s surface so in this way the quantity of sunlight that reaches earth’s surface is severely reduced. After that is resented back into space. When it reaches the earth, vegetation and oceans absorbs some of the sunlight also.
These days more and more people are using some of the heat generated by the sun to heat homes, provide energy and water for their families and why not, their businesses.
Scientists have only started to make this possible with the help of a machine that reroutes and is powered by solar energy.  To power your home, you have to be aware that you can use this energy by collecting it using some special boxes that attracts the light during the day and helps to power all the utilities during night time.
Solar power is very important in our daily uses and it’s a natural way of obtaining heat, electricity and water with help from the nature. In near future we will be forced to switch our powering ways to keep the above mentioned necessities and conveniences.  As we will face some fossil fuels crisis, the solar power is a renewable source of energy which never consumes.
 As you already knew there are many benefits of solar energy.

Global Warming and Alternative Energy Sources

Global warning represents one of the hottest topics nowadays. The current changes on earth’s climate are the worst yet to happen. The global warming process suffers continuous changes as its temperature is increasing due to numerous greenhouse gases trapped in the atmosphere. The main goal of researchers is to find viable alternative energy source in order to reduce the toxic emissions.
These gases can be produced both by different natural and / or industrial processes. The most common gases on earth’s atmosphere is water vapors, CO2, methane, Nitrous oxide, ozone and CFCs. We know several sources of greenhouse gases. Lack of forest and burning fossils can lead to a higher carbon dioxide concentration in our atmosphere. Without forests and plants to absorb the carbon dioxide emitted by burning fossil fuels, petroleum and natural gases, all present emissions will remain in the atmosphere.

In cooling and fire suppression systems, the use of CFC, also known as chlorofluorocarbons, can increase the concentration of emission in the atmosphere. In agriculture industry are used non-organic fertilizers that leads also to high nitrous oxide concentrations. In the United States, principal green gas emissions come from the use fossil fuel as primarily energy source. According to the United Sates Energy Information Administration (USEIA), more than 80 % of total greenhouse emissions come from coal, natural gas and petroleum combustion. However, Asia and mainly China is facing high concentrations of greenhouse gases due to construction of power plants in its provinces.

According to Greenpeace ’90s were the warmest decade in the history while ’98 was the warmest year. Presently, the carbon dioxide concentration is the highest in the last 155,000 years.
The uncontrolled greenhouse gases emitted by human activity can affect climate’s change in the next century. Scientists said that the new coming century will be full of climate changes and the outcome will not be so bright. Necessary steps have to be taken to control and limit the toxic emissions that are threatening the human species.

For a minimized and optimized consumptions of fossil fuels, oil and petroleum we have to use energy in an efficient way. In order to obtain maximized optimization of the energy we should generate it from nature, and by that I refer to harvest the natural energy from the sun, winds, crops and waves.
The term “green energy” is the term used to describe the energy sources that are environmentally friendly. There are plenty ways of generating electricity from natural and renewable energy sources that can generate clean energy. Sun, wind and heat can generate electricity cheaper and with less carbon emission than coal and gas generated.

Greenpeace stated that if we will focus on alternative and renewable energy we can deliver half of world needs by 2050. They said that with this measure we can reduce the emission of carbon dioxide to almost 50%. What this world needs is to shift its attention to alternative fuel source and some of its problem will be solved. Governments are taking measurements to implement alternative energy source as their main energy source.

The sole use of alternative energy sources may not be the only way to reduce the carbon dioxide emission that human activity produce, but is a major step in combating its effects.

Solar Energy – Extremely popular yet not so widely used.

Sun’s limitless energy can supply the power for entire world with only 20 minutes exposure. Scientists discovered that Sun has a huge energy power of 360 million of terawatts that is more than enough to supply the power we need.

You can compare the energy generated by the sun with the energy generated through conventional ways, like nuclear or fossil fuel. The amount of energy power generated by this conventional way are close to 10,5 million terawatts, and is known that is not renewable. 
solar, sun, photovoltaic panels  To produce one KW of electrical power, the utility companies burn fossil fuels that emit around 485 grams CO2. At this moment, we are dumping these CO2 emissions in the atmosphere which increase the rate of pollution every year. Yearly, the amount of these CO2 emissions reaches more than eight Mt. On the other hand, exploiting sun’s energy is defilement free and safe. Being CO2 free doesn’t require special measurements to combat the air pollution and in long range can be very productive, effective and very cheap to implement.
It appears that, in one of the most powerful countries in the world the solar generated power is around 0, 1 % from its total generated power. I’m talking about the United States of America.
Why is this happening? What are the causes? Well, I will try to do my best and explain to you why so.
According to America’s most popular Business Magazine, Wall Street Journal there are some groups, politically supported which are protesting about putting up solar power transmission. Also, environmental activists are boycotting the progress of solar energy
  Maybe the biggest obstacle in implementing this solar system in the United States is the power grid system that was built more than 100 years ago and, in some regions is congested. Scientists and engineers have to think and elaborate a cost efficient plan in order to transfer this massive amount of energy from a place to another and to power, in a safely manner, citizen houses. 
However, until these two obstacles are breached the effective transmissions of solar energy to homes will be very hard to accomplish.  Suppose we breach these two obstacles today, it will take at least 10-15 years to convert 25 % of American consumers to solar energy powered homes. 
 The only good thing about this solar quest is that technology advances very fast and solar power can be available more easily due to Nano technology. Other revelation is coming from cell designs that could, in a few years, become a cost – effective way of generating power. Only then we can say permanently Good-Bye to fossil and nuclear power.
At the moment, solar panels are considered expensive and hard to implement. But with the technological progress new generation of solar panels will be developed and the spreading of solar panel system will grow. 
 United States Government encourages the use of solar system to generate powers with 30 % tax cut. In this way, they hope to implement more solar powered systems in citizens’ houses.
The effects of global warming start to become more present and the price of oil that is continuously growing can be the perfect stimulant to use this alternative source of power.
 Briefly, the benefits of solar energy consists in clean non-polluting energy generated in a non-pollute way.