Re-cyclix – More than recycling

cyclixPlastics are one of mankind’s greatest inventions. Today there are millions of products manufactured all around the globe that use plastics in their manufacturing and packing processes. If you stop to think about it, the majority of consumer goods have plastic either in their construction, or in their packaging.

So where does it all go after it has served its purpose? Only 20% of the worlds plastic is actually recycled, with the balance being dumped or burned off. This has caused a near environmental emergency, with plastics even being found in the oceans, killing aquatic life and damaging ecosystems beyond repair.

This looming environmental crisis is what inspired our Eco Revenue project. Our vision is to become the largest plastics recycling business opportunity in the world. With modern recycling technology, it is now possible to turn any plastic waste into recycled, raw materials, that can be re-used in the manufacturing of plastic goods


However, we need support to do this right and achieve our goals and that is where you come into the picture. We want you to become an environmentalist and help us save the environment. Governments across the globe are lagging far behind on their commitments to recycling their countries waste. It has become a task lauded to the private sector and a task that we have taken up but we need you to help us achieve our recycling goals.

Today’s modern waste markets, where waste is sold off to recyclers, is absolutely massive. Our model is simple, we purchase plastic waste on the open market, recycle it at our facilities and then re-sell it to the consumer plastics market to be re-used in other plastics products.


We have designed a unique system that allows us to take outside parties and bring them into our business as affiliate partners. As we mentioned, the governments of the world do not have the budget necessary to fund recycling at its highest capacity. To create a solution, we have developed an affiliate program that allows you to be an environmentalist, while remaining in the comfort of your desk chair behind your laptop screen.

The affiliate model is simple. First, open your account. After that, you will be given the opportunity to purchase a plastics waste contract with us, enabling us to buy the waste on your behalf. We then undergo the recycling process, creating the recycled product, ready to be used by industry. The recycled product is then sold to the open market at a higher price and you share in the profits with us.


We have combined modern recycling technology with the power of the world-wide web, to create a recycling solution that is profitable, not only for our company, but for any consumer environmentalist that would like to make a difference in the world they live in. Now it is possible to earn a healthy income from the comfort of your own home, while knowing that you are making a positive environmental impact on planet earth, in fact, reducing your own carbon foot-print, while earning profits at the same time.

Recyclix, is an industry pioneer in recycling, we are the first to bring together the recycling industry with the power of global networked business, producing a business model that is sustainable and unique. Our global corporate offices are based in Warsaw, Poland. We have the vision to roll our project out globally.

The Recyclix team consists of highly skilled, well trained experts in the recycling industry that bring with them decades of knowledge and experience in the recycling of plastics and the technology needed to do it efficiently and effectively. We hold ourselves and our business practices up the highest codes of conduct and comply with all local and global requirements for a recycler.

With annual profits totalling near 1.5 billion Euros in 2014 alone, the recycling industry offers massive potential and huge opportunity, in a market with very little competition. Taking advantage of this incredible opportunity and leveraging it to earn you a consistent, healthy income, rests in your hands. Becoming an environmentalist affiliate has never been easier, you now have the opportunity to make a difference without becoming an activist and getting involved in the trenches, let Recyclix handle that and you just collect your profit.


While we are a European based business, our model is suitable for any potential environmentalist affiliate, in any country, all over the world. We need you to help us make and impact on the global market and reduce the amount of plastic waste that is slowly killing our environment. Take action today and join our affiliate team! Begin making money while working with a company that has a global green vision, join Recyclix today!

If you would like to find out more please don’t hesitate to visit you can learn more about their story here or why not check out some of their services they offer.  They also have a great industry overview here or why not check out some of their plans.  If social media is your thing then they would also love to hear from you on Facebook or Twitter.

Solar panel installation.

modernIf talking about solar powers then there have been some new advancements and discoveries in technology in these days. The time is close once utilization of solar power will turn into a normal incidence in our routine life. Now, many believe that within the period of some years the utilization of solar panel would be in such high requirement that the cost of this will be lower to challenge the high prices of oil produced electricity.

Solar panel installation are likely to turn into a high requirement job over the next some years. But the best news is, you could not want them. As of the straightforwardness of the involved technology, it is comparatively simple to install the solar panel yourself.


There are so many benefits of using solar panel. In case, it is done in a perfect manner, it indicates that you will never need to pay your electricity bill. Actually, in some areas, you are permitted to sell overload electricity that you generate back to the network. Solar panel is even best for the surroundings, because it makes not any type of carbon, and for general safety, as it assists decrease dependency on oil, a lot of that comes from aggressive regimes.

Home solar energy

thyinkThe home owners who are energy conscious find themselves in midst of the revolution of home solar energy and with the most unbalanced financial market. When we know in the hearts home with the solar energy is certainly the great idea, specifically speaking, it also make quite economic sense for average American to hold it. However, organizing the home energy and use them around the plan of 3-phase that can make the solar energy quite affordable. However, with the increasing prices of energy, dwindling of the fossil fuel and other supplies, and also the environmental as well as human concerns, all such ears are mainly attuned to possibilities of solar energy. On the other hand, road to the solar euphoria is mainly not the well-worn kind of path. You are certainly the pioneer on the new frontier.



The Solar energy also makes the logical sense. The Solar energy is certainly cleaned, abundant as well as the source of local energy. No moving of the mechanical parts means the minimal requirements of maintenance. Busy people also love to have low level of maintenance. Moreover who don’t want to have a home that has limited expense on local energy supply which also put no such pollutants in air?