UK solar prices

solarWe live in a world where renewable energy is no longer a luxury but more importantly it’s become a necessity; we only have a limited number of renewable resources and looking at ways to reduce our eco footprints is important not only for home owners but governments around the world as well. Currently in the EU many of the EU member states have made it compulsory to have solar panels installed on all new builds.


Another great point to note here is that as the technology for solar increases it means the cost of this technology becomes cheaper to develop and of course this means you can now purchase solar panels at a fraction of the prices they used to be on the markets. If you’re looking for a good guideline on what the current market rates are in the UK then please don’t hesitate to visit UK solar prices where you will find comprehensive information.

Solar panels made from recycled tires

treadAre you tired of soaring energy costs from your local utility provider? Do you wish there was a way to take your home off the grid and meet your energy needs independently? At Treadergy we have combined the power of recycling with energy production to release to world’s first recycled solar panel technology.

The human need for energy in the home has led global energy producers to focus on producing electricity for profit, at maximum cost to the consumer as possible. Along the way, environmental responsibility has been thrown out of the window with ethical responsibility. The result has been an accelerated production of pollutants that have laid waste to the air, the water, and the earth.

Corporations have no onus of responsibility and it is up to the private sector to draw a line in the sand and say enough is enough. It’s time to take back control of your own energy needs and take yourself off the grid with

Now it is possible for you to meet your home’s energy needs while remaining environmentally responsible in your energy consumption. We take two leading problems; pollution and energy and solve them with a new technology that enhances your living experience.


In the past, used tires were typically burned or discarded in dumps, with few ever being recycled or repurposed into the market. With Treadergy, we recycle this waste product to form the backbone of the Treadergy energy system. The tires are stripped and remolded into solar panels that are adaptable, affordable and portable while remaining completely scalable to any application.

The locations and applications for this system are endless. Our product range has everything you need for energy production in any environment. From portable systems that can be loaded up and taken on camping trips, to units that are small and compact enough to charge your cell phone. We have complete home-power solutions that allow you to take your home off the grid and never have to rely on your local power utility for your energy needs.


The research and development that went into the sidewinder product range was a revolutionary method of blending recycling with sustainable energy production for the average person and household. We have always valued man’s ability to thrive independently and the Treadergy product range has every tool you need to complete your own self-sustaining energy requirements. believes in the power of nature and technology. When we combine the two with a bright human mind, we have the recipe for an energy revolution. We are constantly looking for new talent to recruit to our business that can help us unlock new innovations in environmentally-friendly, sustainable, independent energy production. We believe our greatest strength is our intellectual capital and do our best to create an environment that inspires creative genius to flourish and develop out-of-the-box technologies that can benefit mankind.

We are passionate about solar farming and we have been looking to partner with individuals interested in developing the technology. We spent six years in research and development to produce a solar panel that is completely scalable and portable allowing you to create your own solar farm that has the energy to power the largest estate.

tread4 tread4

Our mission is to give every American the opportunity to become self-sustainable with their energy requirements and cut their reliance on privatized electricity utilities that hold your wallet and your home’s power needs hostage. Take back control of your energy needs and join the Treadergy energy revolution today! For more information on our unique manufacturing technology and how you can take part in our campaign to free Americans from energy slavery, visit our website, or head over to our Youtube channel to get the information your need to understand how you can take yourself off the grid!

Everyone deserves to be self-sustainable and independent, free from the corrupt corporation’s stranglehold over your energy consumption. Give back to your energy budget, your community and the planet by starting your own solar farm with! Want to find out more? Check out their mission statement here or some of the great applications these solar panels can be used for here. You can also view their full range of products here.  You can also check out their feature packed FAQ page or why not get in touch with one of the team who will be more than happy to help.

VS Products Inc

Are you in need of a generator to get you through power outages? Then look no further than VS Products Inc. We stock the finest, quality electrical generators to suit any residential or commercial application. With an experienced team that is there to assist you in making an informed purchase decision, VS Products inc, is your preferred solution provider for uninterrupted, economical and environmentally-friendly energy solutions.


Our client testimonials speak for themselves and we have satisfied clients all over the country, we believe in supplying our clients with the very best technology available in the market, we value our customer service levels and aim to provide outstanding products with outstanding customer service.

The solar generator products available from VS Products Inc fit any size budget and outperform their diesel and gasoline counter-parts making them the ideal solution for anyone concerned with reducing their environmental impact and carbon footprint while staying energy independent.